The Kerberos Project

Born in Boulder, Colorado, The Kerberos Project is a creative outlet for design, cheekiness, and progressive change with a hint of profundity thrown in for good measure. We desire nothing more than to use all of our creative talents and resources to change the world in seismic and positive ways.

We hope our products create dialogue, provoke thought, and most definitely empower individuals like yourself to go out and Be Something great for the world.

What We Care About:

Changing lives, minds, policies, and laws for the betterment of all people.

The Environment. Without it, where would we be?

Future Generations that will inherit our triumphs and be responsible for our mistakes.

Aesthetics. We love it for the harmony it brings to our lives and the inspiration it offers us on occasion.

In every product we design, you can find a vestige of one of the four things we care about above permeate its creation.

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